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In the spirit of Thanksgiving

with deep gratitude for:

every breath that connects the body to the universal source of energy

every drop of water that sustains life

every bite of food, joy of life

beauty of the Sunrise

the endless blue sky

the silver moon, the companion of the awakened

the unconditional love

the giving hand

compassion, the force that holds humanity together

inner peace, the seed of global peace

honor, remembering our divinity

being True to who we really are

awareness of the moment

consciousness that we are all connected

all ONE, come from the same Source

The Source of non-duality


that connect all beings

the intelligent universal energy in all beings and things

We are Divine

Let the healing begins, NOW

It is in giving that we receive



wishing love and peace for all beings in the universe…………………….

You are not the drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in the drop.






Divine Intervention


There was a big family gathering in Northern California in honor of the 100th birthday of a great aunt. Everyone was coming from all over, far and near. His mother picked  him and his girl friend up driving to the family gathering. On the way, in a split second, going about seventy miles per hour on the fast lane of the highway, mom took her eyes off  the road and drove into a center divider dirt road . She reacted with over correcting as frequently happens in these cases trying to get back to the highway. She lost control, fish tailing, and the car started spinning. It was like watching a movie. He thought this is not happening to us.

It all happend in a few seconds, so fast, yet it felt like a slow motion feeling inside him. He could see the faces of others in their cars around them, taking in all the details. He felt an angelic presence, was amazingly calm, feeling and knowing that they will be fine. He said out loud ” we are going to be OK.” His girl friend also said the same.

The wide divider space about two hundred feet in the center of the high way was full of long weeds, like a cushion. They stopped right at the edge of the coming traffic protected by the weeds. They got out unharmed. It was a miracle, not a scratch. He took the weeds out of the car. People stopped, came over to check on them make sure they are well. They were shocked, yet conscious and alert, thanked the people and got in the car. He got behind the wheel and got on the high way. The mother wanted to drive and he was not sure if she was over the shock.
” I am fine, I want to drive!” Mom said and she did.

What do accidents mean? a randome occurance? or a warning sign with a meaning? a wake up call from the universe. One may admire the mother for her couragae to get behind the wheel immediately overcoming her shock and fear. Otherwise she may have felt anxious to drive ever again. On the other hand, one might wonder if the accident was a meaningful sign for her to create a shift in her life.

A few months passed. He was intuitive and aware of his mom’s feelings after the divorce and a life time of abandonment, eventhough she never expressed her feelings and emotions. She tended to hold her feelings in. It was her character. It was July 3, about twently years after the divorce. Mom was living alone independently in a condo in the same city they lived as a family with much memories. All the adult children were living independently, an empty nest.

He decided to visit his mom. When he entered her home, he immediately felt the intensity of her depression, being stuck in her pain, felt her energy. Wow, how did he know that? It was a profound experience for the first time. He had to check it out with her,went to the pool area and found her there.
” Mom, are you depressed?” He took a chance to ask a straight forward question, knowing his mother.
“Yes, I am! you got it right.” she acknowledged for the first time.
Her husband, a bright well known heart surgeon, was the love of her life. The heartache after the divorce was deeper than she could endure.  She was hurting inside, felt alone, isolating, keeping her pain to herself. Her children were busy with their families. One daughter had no contact with mom for years.

As the mother and son were sharing feelings and emotions, mom’s phone rang. It was the daughter she had not heard from in a long time! She was inviting her mom and brother to a baseball game for the 4th of July. They immediately accepted.

Was that a coincidence? a call after years of no contact. Neither mom or the son were interested in baseball. He had gone to a couple of games just to be with his father. It may have been the first experience for mom. She was delighted to see her daughter. He wondered about the timing of the call. He hoped that mother and daughter can begin to heal their relationship.

On 4th of July, they arrived at the game. He had a feeling of a warning inside, not sure what it meant or what to do. He had a premination, an inner voice was indicating that something was going to happen.  The inner voice was loud, caution! Be aware! He had similar warning signs many times in his life. He was a runner. One time, when he was running, he heard a loud, commanding voice that said STOP!. He stopped immediately, looked down and there was a coiled rattle snake ! He didn’t see the snake and without warning was going to step on the snake and be bitten, a matter of life and death.

They met the daughter and her husband took their seats eager to have a converstion. The game started after the opening ceremony. Shortly after, he heard a weezing sound as something passed his ear with the speed of lightning. He looked back. It was a baseball that hit mom on her nose and took her to the gournd.

The blood was all over her face. Everyone was in shock, not knowing what to do. It took several minutes before anyone could respond. An amulance was called immediately. He didn’t panic, had a feeling inside that mom will be OK. If the ball had hit a little higher would have killed her.She was alert and conscious. He kept assuring her that she would be fine shared feeling that she was protected by a Divine Being. It took a long time for the medical staff to arrive. Everyone was around her. She was in pain. The baseball player rushed to apologize offered his bat, she declined.

She was taken to the hospital with the family. The truama had opened the path of communication between the mother and daughter again. For each healing experience there is a price to pay, he wondered if the accident was to clear the karma and help mom have a break through from the depression and reconncet with her True self.

The mother, a beautiful woman who had the appearance of a movie star went through six opertion to heal the borken nose and cheek bones. Upon completeion of recovery, she moved to Florida, started a new life, dating and within a few years remarried, a new journey of discovery.

Sometimes blssings come in disguise.


Poem By Matthew Talebi

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Poetry, is a child’s life,
nothing ugly, nothing evil

A little girl of five , seven or perhaps ten ,

In the green of her cozy tree house dad created

Singing ,

Happy songs of childhood joy in solitude and ,

Her innocent crystal voice and the serene guitar

she played in her dream domain,

Echoed .

patting mother’s satin soul , passing by.

Climbing the tree guitar in arm and chanting ,

An exquisite beauty of a child’s poetic existence .


Years later , when grown up , she

Captured that poetry she lived ,

In a touching memoir poem .