Happy Father’s Day


To my partner in life and all beings who have taken the father’s role for another being

Thank you for your loving heart

Thank you for your powerful masculine energy

Thank you for your wisdom, insight and gift of common sense

Thank you for loving the family unconditionally

Thank you for being an active parent in every way

Thank you for midnight feedings and diaper changes

Thank you for being an amazing mentor for our children

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your awareness and vision

Thank you for your sense of humor and playfulness

Thank you for teaching our sons how to become a man

Thank you for teaching our daughter about loving men

Thank you for your devotion to the family

Thank you for your generous heart

Thank you for who you are

A gentle soul


“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”


A Messenger of love

I love you

for your loving heart

manifestation of Divine Love

I love you

for your quiet ways

Buddha, serene

I love you

for your hugs


make me fee loved

I love you

for who you are

a shooting star

from another dimension

I love you

for your awareness

gift of knowing

an old soul

a messenger of love

I love you

for raising consciousness

through words




life altering

I love you

for being my guru

every step of the way

holding the torch of knowledge




I love you

for who you are

a messenger

a prophet

YOU are always in my heart

an ancient soul

Let your wings spread








It was my husband’s birthday in March on the beautiful island of Kauai. He had decided to rest the whole day for a change, doing absolutely nothing. I agreed to honor his birthday wish.

He loves music and I believe if he was in an environment that his gift and passion was nurtured, he could be a talented musician. Throughout the years we have been together, he has played the flute,  piano, guitar, dolcimor/santur, and recently Ukulele.  However, he has high expectations of himself with perfectionist tendencies, wishing to create music like Mozart and Beethoven. He has worked as a civil engineer over fifty five years. He said he didn’t have the time to practice and when retired, he will pursue his passion. Now that he was going to retire within a month, it was the optimum time for music.

We were in a beautiful resort with all kind of activities for any taste, and any age. Upon arrival, I had checked the list of activities and would have loved to try new experiences. However, honoring my agreement, I was going to control my “crazy tourist” nature wanting to see and do everything on hold and have a restful experience.  On the list of activities, there was a Ukulele class on Wednesday and we were leaving on Tuesday. I had thought it would have been a great experience for him to experience the music class.

With his permission, I attended a lei making and hula class, a first time experience. The instructors were a beautiful woman and a young man in his early twenties. I learned he was the teacher of ukulele.

“Are you going to have a class today?” I asked Anthony.

“Yes, we have a cultural class and if you are interested I would be happy to teach you.”

“Today is my husband’s birthday and he loves music and plays a little guitar. Let me check with him.”

I went to the King who has been resting all day and shared about the class. To my surprise, he was interested and came to meet Anthony.

Anthony took two ukulele out for us, waiting a couple of minutes to see if anyone else will join. Meanwhile I went to share something with Krystie the hula teacher. Before I knew, Anthony was teaching him how to play a couple of cords, playing and singing.

Music is the language of the soul. I looked back and saw him taping Anthony playing and singing. It felt he was experiencing a natural high having lost track of time, being present to his passion.

Later Anthony said that he saw the passion in his eyes. He gave him sheets of notes and Hawaiian songs to practice. This was a perfect birthday gift of a life time.



In honor of Father’s Day to the most loving father, my partner in life

Thank you Anthony for sharing the gift of music. You will always be remembered