Nowruz, a celebration of life

For sixty nine years, the Nowruz traditions for me has been being with the family and loved ones around the Haft Seen table, having the traditional Nowruz meal, sabzi polo mahi, giving and receiving brand new money, aidi, and visiting with family & loved ones for two weeks. Growing up, having new cloths, getting money and seeing the family happy are one of the warmest childhood memories for me.

This morning, I had a unique experience. My dear friend who holds a weekly circle of healing under a beautiful tree offered to have a ceremonial gathering in honor of the first day of Spring. I knew intuitively that I needed to be there even though my daughter & I had planned to spend the morning together. There was a feeling of sadness within me this year as I felt the Nowruz traditions that meant so much to me are fading away for us as an immigrant family. For Persians it is the new year and for the others is another day of work and usual responsibilities. It seems that getting the whole family together is nearly impossible. I thought to myself, surrender…………………….gratitude for the family & loved ones being healthy and in peace.

The whole morning was being in nature, chanting, sending healing energy to all beings in the universe to live in peace and harmony.  LOVE HEALS.

My heart & soul is in peace as all the new year wishes arrive in many forms.





Nowruz, Persian New Year



Spring is here

Nature begins a new life


Renewal of the body and soul



Letting go

Of all distancing emotions

A choice

In awareness

Higher consciousness

Inner peace within

Pain is the experience of spiritual growth


Suffering is optional

Feelings are feelings

Thoughts are only thoughts

Can be changed

I am 100% responsible for my choices

Releasing judgmental thoughts

Letting go of wanting to be right and looking good

Turn off the Ego

Embrace the shadow

A part of me

Resistance gives it power

Inner peace opens the possibility of global peace

May the universal energy within shine and radiate every moment of our lives




A Prophet In Disguise


“We have been friends since high school and became soul sisters for many years now. I have always been amazed by your joy of life and positive nature. What is your understanding of such joy of life?”
I was on the phone with a soul friend who was the first one I trusted with all my inner feelings and emotions. Since we became grandmothers,  had little time to have our hours long talk on the phone.
“I don’t know. I think it is my nature. As I look back, I’ve always been happy regardless of the circumstances.”
“I know your life has been an interesting journey with many major challenges what I call  advanced life lessons. What helps you to be so joyful and positive.”
“As you know, I’ve had many physical and emotional issues. Yet, I’ve always been able to be in the moment and enjoy.”
 “In my observation it seems that you are able to be true to yourself, express how you feel regardless of the consequences.”
“Yes, I always had an emotional courage, not sure where it comes from. I remember when I was three years old my father punished me for something and I started pounding on his chest with my little fists, crying.”
“That is a great example and one of the reasons I love, respect and admire you. I was so fearful growing up can’t even imagine what you did. What did your father do?”
“I guess he didn’t expect that and was touched by my courage that he started laughing. Since then whenever he punished me I attacked him back with no fear. My older brother was more like you. I think my father admired my courage as long as his authority as the head of the household was respected.”

He had an interesting and challenging personality.”
“That is for sure. He wanted me to sit near him in family gatherings so he wouldn’t worry about where I was. I couldn’t go play with the children in the family.”
“I feel you understood him. You protested against any injustice and resisted those who tried to force you & I think he did the same with his jobs too.”
“Yes, We moved around much because he would not take force from the authorities. when I saw my mother and her sisters acting like victims and taking abuse from their husbands, I protested and even as a child asked them why do they submit to such injustice?”
“What did they say?”
“They said they had to because of financial dependence on the husband. They said what could I have done? become homeless? on the street? couldn’t do anything! I said I’d rather beg on the street or go clean homes, be a domestic help in someone’s home than take the abuse from a man.”
“You have been so ahead of your time. Your free spirit is amazing. I know your views about the “soul” is very different from mine. I wonder if you are the reincarnation of an enlightened soul. I have never met anyone like you. I trust you know you have been such a source of inspiration for me since I was in 7th grade.”
“I never liked anyone telling me what to do! Yes, you know I don’t believe in soul. Remember one time when you took me for a reading I was told that I am the reincarnation of a prophet? I don’t know about that. All I know is that no matter what, I didn’t accept force no matter the consequences.”
“You were a rebel! How did you overcome the fear?”
“Yes, I was a rebel and wasn’t afraid of anyone. I was so sensitive, wanted to do what I wanted to do and took the consequences. My father learned to respect me as a woman.”
“How was your relationship with your mother?”
“She was a typical woman, the victim, no voice, a home maker taking the abuse. It was emotionally tough on me, loving her, yet not being able to be emotionally close with her. Mothers are the role model for daughters. I wanted her to be my role model, yet she wasn’t. I felt she was a weak woman and I was different. Looking back, I was angry the way she lived her life.”
“Was there a turning point, a shift in awareness and consciousness for you?”
“Yes, when I was in college I started reading the books of great philosophers and the words of Andre Giede opened my eyes to the Truth. I felt every word and wished I could write like him. There was a total shift, released all the nonsense I was taught as a child. I was able to release all the “garbage” and decide for myself. When I read Andre saying that;” it is not enough for me to read about the softness of the sand. I want to feel the softness and the wetness of the sand with my bear feet on the beach. ” I felt as if he was speaking from my heart. I felt an inner revolution.”
“I remember your notes and collection of quotes from him from long ago. He opened a window to consciousness to you. Any favorite  meaningful quotes?”
“He said ” the knowledge that my feelings have not felt, are useless to me.” I felt that with every cell in me! He helped me to trust my own experience as my guide. I am to find my own path to Truth, don’t need anyone, not even a prophet to tell me. How does anyone else know what is the path for me? I don’t like to listen to anyone!”
“That is the truth that each one of us are responsible for the path we choose to Truth what ever that may mean in our daily life. There are as many paths as there are beings in the universe.”
“To me, there is only this moment and I want to live my life with passion and joy and enjoy every moment of my life.”
“I sure admire you for that. I know you are having physical pain daily related to some health issues, yet I don’t remember you ever complaining about the constant pain.”
“The physical pain makes me feel impatient and irritated at times, yet all I have is this moment and I choose to live is fully and have FUN. You know I am a fun loving person, anything to enjoy the moment.”
“Being in a moment is the goal of spiritual path for all Masters and you have been doing it all your life. Thank you for the conversation and thank you for having been the loving, nurturing friend in my life for many years. I feel joyful when I am in touch with you.
Thank you.